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Cardboard City
Raising Money and Awareness for Habitat
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Cardboard City Statistics

Money Raised
Group Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Total Raised: $637.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 52

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Cardboard City is a yearly event put on by Saint Louis University's Habitat for Humanity to raise awareness and funds for homelessness. More than 100,000 families worldwide have been assisted after disasters and conflicts
By giving the communities the means to rebuild, Habitat has been able to support, empower and work with families in building recovery shelter and housing solutions.
Help us reach our goal to help more families and make a difference in their lives!

Group Members:
Total Raised$637.00  
General Group Donation$10.00  
Melissa Marks$165.00  
   Morgan Borkovec$0.00  
   Marisabel Boyle-Mejia$80.00  
   Brandon Bruemmer$5.00  
   Emily Burghoff$47.00  
   Jimmy Canning$0.00  
   Kat Carroll$5.00  
   Erica Carrow$0.00  
   McKenzie Clark$0.00  
   Maggie Czarnecki$0.00  
   Rajat Duggirala$15.00  
   Annie FitzGerald$5.00  
   Emily Ford$0.00  
   Molly Fuchs$5.00  
   Kathleen Gallagher$200.00  
   Alexandria Gavin$0.00  
   Kirk Gower$0.00  
   Connor Herdes$0.00  
   Madeleine Jesse$5.00  
   Allison Jung$0.00  
   Kelsey King$0.00  
   Aaron Korte$0.00  
   Catherine Larsen$5.00  
   Jackson Lautenschlager$0.00  
   Christian Lees$5.00  
   Addy Lockett$5.00  
   Catie Lorenzini$0.00  
   Connor Lough$0.00  
   Chris Lucas$0.00  
   Tierra Mayah$0.00  
   Matt Meyers$0.00  
   Kendra Patton$0.00  
   Aaron Peach$0.00  
   Maeve Pell$55.00  
   Ellie Pope$0.00  
   Claire Ramsey$0.00  
   Aaron Rea$0.00  
   dani rivera$0.00  
   Desirae Rowan$5.00  
   Stephen Rowse$0.00  
   Anna Santowski$10.00  
   Tori Scranton$5.00  
   Madeline Sedlock$5.00  
   Aspen Steiner$0.00  
   Clarine Stephens$0.00  
   Carly Sullivan$0.00  
   Melanie Tennyson$0.00  
   Samantha Thompson$0.00  
   Katie Unes$0.00  
   Anna Vettiankal$0.00  
   andrew Zerehi$0.00  
   Maddie Zimmerman$0.00  

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